Jonathan Hedrick


JONATHAN HEDRICK WRITER Jonathan Hedrick is a comic book writer/creator born and raised in Brevard County, Florida. Comics has always been a passion of his which led to him self-publishing his own titles in 2019. His current work includes the zombie one-shots Freakshow Princess & Freakshow Knight (from Second Sight Publishing), the all-ages

Eric Palicki


ERIC PALICKI WRITER/EDITOR Eric Palicki is a comics writer/editor living and working in the Pacific Northwest. His past work includes stories written for Marvel, Ahoy, Black Mask Studios, Dark Horse, and Scout Comics. Eric has also co-edited five anthology collections, all for A Wave Blue World. Two of them, All We Ever Wanted

Cynna Ael


CYNNA AEL EDITOR/WRITER/LETTERER All her life, Cynna Ael has wanted to write for a living. In 2003, those dreams came true with her first book release. Once that happened, she then became an editor as well. It seemed to go hand in hand, writing and editing. For her, telling stories, creating universes, and

Jay Sandlin


JAY SANDLIN WRITER Growing up, Jay was the kid on the playground who sat out of sports to read Star Wars paperbacks, so it’s no surprise he chose to write books and comics as an adult. He is the author of comics such as Over the Ropes, Hellfighter Quin and the upcoming title

Chuck Dixon


CHUCK DIXONWRITERChuck Dixon is a veteran comic book writer with thousands of titles to his name including a record run on Batman at DC Comics (where he co-created the villain BANE) and seminal work on Marvel’s The Punisher. He has also worked on IDW’s G.I. Joe series. He adapted J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit into one of the most successful graphic novels

Kevin Grevioux


KEVIN GREVIOUXWRITERKevin Grevioux is a screenwriter, producer, actor and a graphic novel creator who has 20 years experience in the film industry. After graduating Howard University with a degree in microbiology, Grevioux came to Hollywood where he acted in several films including, Alien Nation, The Mask, Congo, Batman Forever, Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes,

Scott McDaniel


SCOTT McDANIELWRITER/ARTIST/ASSISTANT EDITORScott McDaniel is an electrical engineer turned self-taught artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He has worked as a penciler, inker, cover artist, layout artist and writer in comics for over twenty years. He was blessed to enjoy rewarding runs on Marvel’s Daredevil series and Elektra mini-series as well as DC Comics’

Ramel Hill


RAMEL HILLWRITERMy name is Ramel Hill. I am an artist/Illustrator/writer who loves the comic book medium. Art has always been a part of my being and sharing it with others is where I really find my joy. I am also a father of 5 children and husband to one beautiful lady.

Brian Hawkins


BRIAN HAWKINSWRITERAside from being an English teacher for over sixteen years, Brian Hawkins is an editor for Mad Cave Studios and author for North Star Editions Publishing. When Brian is not freelancing writing or editing, he’s working on his own creator-owned and self-publishing properties, both comics and novels. Devil’s Dominion is Brian Hawkins’ first book/series with

Carmen Guasco


CARMEN GUASCO WRITER Comic Writer and Social Media Manager in Salerno, Italy. Graduated in Comics at the "Comix Ars", where she has been working since 2017 as a lecturer on teen courses. After winning numerous contests and receiving national recognition in comics and concept design, she made her debut in 2019 in the

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