Review by Dylan Abuel, from

The Odd Couple… but with Superpowers (Bigs & Tiny #1)

Story by Ramel Hill & Dimitrios Zaharakis

Art by Frederico Sabbatini

Colors by Andrea Celestini

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Created & Edited by Dimitrios Zaharakis

Published by Black Box Comics

Rating: 9/10

Song: Big Pun feat. Fat Joe – Twins (Deep Cover ‘98)

It goes without saying that I love a good buddy comedy. And it’s also needless to say that I love superhero stories. Hell, the combination of the two is one of the main reasons why I love comics. The dynamics between two totally different people with special abilities are easily one of my favorite tropes. It can be executed in many different ways. Some great, while others are not so great. We’ve seen a Lethal Weapon-Riggs & Murtaugh situation, where Old & Wise meets Reckless & Wild and form a certain synergy that worked out well in the ’80s and ’90s. The old way would have it that we get two polar-opposite protagonists and put them in an extenuating circumstance that the combination of their skill sets would easily crack. But what Black Box’s Bigs & Tiny’s first issue presents a new take on a Buddy Comedy that I’m readily here for.

Set in a modern-day New York City, ripe with a variety of thugs for the beatings, Ramel Hill & Dimitrios Zaharakis’ story is set around two complete strangers, Santino (Tiny) and Bryan (Bigs). Two young New Yorkers who look fresh in their twenties with nothing in common other than waking up after blacking out one night with special abilities, each unique to their respective person. Santino’s power set is strength based on size; the smaller he is, the harder he hits. Bryan’s powers are strength-based on the power that emits from his fists as well as a newfound penchant for knowledge. The first issue doesn’t offer much of a real origin story for either, but it does provide us with their first encounter with each other and ends with a teaser to set up the origins as well as show us who our antagonist will be.

What breathes fresh life into these two unlikely heroes is the fact that their dynamic is based on both of them being alphas in their own respective rights. Their snarky back and forth doesn’t seem to come from places of intimidation or defense, but rather from a place of mutual respect and competition. Being the young twenty-something that they are, they quip each other every chance they get, but they take every insult with a quick smile and rebuttal just as fast.

The art of Frederico Sabbatini matched with the colors of Andrea Celestini creates a wonderful and vibrant atmosphere that’s fast-paced and fun to watch the progress. The bold lines and color pops make me question whether or not both artist and colorist have ever dabbled in graffiti in their younger years. This issue is packed to the pages with action sequences, it’s easy to be excited for what other mayhem this team will bring next and it’s right for me to say that this title is one of my most anticipated in 2020.