Review by William Pace, from Outright Geekery

Let me introduce you to Bigs and Tiny, AKA Bryan and Santino, both residents of New York City, both packing some pretty incredible powers. Bryan has energy manipulation from his hands and Santino can shrink and grow (but not grow too much) and is very strong. The banter back and forth between our two would-be heroes is pretty hysterical. It kind of reminds me of myself and certain friends from the early 90s. That alone is worth the price of admission. That being left aside, it turns out that they are both involved in the same diabolical plot involving plenty of missing persons around The Big Apple. Bryan thinks it may have something to do with his recently published blog, ah the big clueless goof! This book is more than worth your time with the right mix of comedy, action, and adventure. I know you want to know more, but for that, you need to get and read your own copy!

Bigs and Tiny #1

Ramel Hill and Dimitrios Zaharakis co-wrote this fun and entertaining adventure. Dimitrios first created this idea and then working together with Ramel they flushed out all these ideas for this and future issues. I have to say this book was so fun to read along with the dynamic of the two co-stars of the book that sort reminded me of Sam and Twitch.

Federico Sabbatini is the artist on this book along with a helping hand from Andrea Celestini on colors. Federico has a cool 90s vibe to his artistic style with almost an animated feel. Giving this book a crisp clean look that makes this book flow perfectly.

With so many books nowadays going for those dark ominous feeling and overall look, Bigs and Tiny is a breath of fresh air. Simply a fun, uncomplicated story as far as today’s books go at least. Not to mention that you may spot a character that reminded me of Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget cartoons, but you’ll have to buy this book for yourself to see if I’m right. Bigs and Tiny #1 are available anywhere comics are sold only from Blackbox Comics! Please as always Like, Comment, Share, and Keep, it Geek!

Rating: 4.1/5