Sandro Pizziolo


SANDRO PIZZIOLOARTISTSandro Pizziolo is a comic book artist based in Turin, Italy. Self-taught and eclectic, he likes to work in different ranges of styles. His career started in 2001. In Italy, he has collaborated with ReNoir comics, Ram Studios Comics, Kawaii creative studio, Dinky Donkey SRL and many more. At the moment he

Raffaele Forte


RAFFAELE FORTEARTISTRaffaele was born in Naples, Italy, on March 21, 1990. After his studies, he decided to embark on the path of art, undertaking a deep study path with the artist Marco Chiuchiarelli. Chiuchiarelli taught him the basics of art and geometry of the bodies, making him fall in love with human anatomy

Martina Rossi


MARTINA ROSSIARTISTMartina Rossi was born in Recanati, Italy. Her interest in drawing stemmed from her love of reading comics as well as illustrated books, exhibited during early years of studies in the Art Institute. Once she graduated, she moved to Rome, Italy and attended the Roman Comics School for four years, specializing in

Umberto Giampà


UMBERTO GIAMPÀARTISTUmberto resides in Italy. He is currently working on a new title for BLACKBOX Comics, TBA. PUBLICATIONSPublication of the comic book "ROMA - LA STIRPE DI MARTE" (Lionscage Editions) - 2012;Collaboration with the site "VERTICALISMI.IT" as cartoonist;Participation in the national exhibition "CHILDREN OF SHOAH" with the comic book "WINGS of FREEDOM" (Sarno) -

Scott McDaniel


SCOTT McDANIELWRITER/ARTIST/ASSISTANT EDITORScott McDaniel is an electrical engineer turned self-taught artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He has worked as a penciler, inker, cover artist, layout artist and writer in comics for over twenty years. He was blessed to enjoy rewarding runs on Marvel’s Daredevil series and Elektra mini-series as well as DC Comics’

Andrea Celestini


ANDREA CELESTINI DIGITAL COLORIST Andrea Celestini is a comic book colorist who has worked for American Indie Publishers, since 2008. He also colors erotic graphic novels for the French market. He has worked for Evoluzione Publishing, Action Lab Entertainment, Monkeybrain Comics, Splotch Comics, Outpost 426, BLACKBOX Comics and Tabou Editions, just to name

Andy Owens


ANDY OWENS INKER Andy Owens is a 20-year comic book veteran. He has worked for the major comic book publishers on some of their top titles. He has worked on Superman, Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow for DC Comics. He worked with Scott McDaniel on DC titles for more than ten years. He

Fabio Jansen


FABIO JANSEN ARTIST Fabio Jansen is a Penciler and Inker, residing in Brazil, where he teaches pedagogy. He worked on Night of the Living Dead for Avatar Press and has made cards for Marvel Comics, Kree-Skrull War series. He has also done several pages for the DC Comics mini-series entitled Rise of Arsenal.

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