Project Description

Gus M



My name is Justin Mauk, better known as “Gus”. I’ve been drawing all my life, and in high school developed a keen instinct for portrait art. For the last 10 years I’ve been doing portraits professionally through my studio, “Eternal Image”. Although Charcoal realism is my specialty, I have been able to push myself out into other markets, such as pin up and Comic art. My first high-profile art jobs were sketch cards for Marvel Masterpieces, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Spiderman, and X-Men (upperdeck and Topps). Shortly after, I was given opportunities to create cover and interior art for independent books, and novels. After some progression in the last few years I was able to do some variant covers for IDW (snakeyes, GI Joe), and interiors and covers for Shi No Kage (Blackbox Comics).

I’m currently in the process of receiving an Associate’s degree in Business, and working full time on Interiors, and I always go back to personal portraits for clients in the fall and holiday months.