Project Description

Sara L



Sara was born in Naples, Italy, on June 27, 1989. Since she was a child she has always been projected towards the world of art by customizing any object in her possession, from clothes to home decorations. Following her studies, she looked to fulfill her passion for art, aiming at different horizons. She first started in the East with the world of anime and manga, and created art books and fan art. Later, she drifted to the western market of American comic and fell totally in love with inking. She admired many big names that will lay the foundations for her self-taught path; Richard Friend, Scott Williams and Andy Brase were some of her sources of inspiration. She quickly created at a professional level and in a short time she start to have jobs working as a ghost Inker on works of other artists. In 2017, she made the acquaintance of Raffaele Forte, an emerging artist, and bound to the love that once held steadfast designer and inker, he immediately decides to link his work with Sara, so as to emerge as a professional inker for the series for Aspen MLT on Soulfire volume 8, subsequently for Zenescope he will ink the book Belle vs Black knight, here she will also fall in love with the mixed, traditional and digital technique, which will allow him to have an always fresh line but with the addition of many special digital effects that will enrich the work of the designers that she will support, is from the end of 2019, and during 2020 she collaborates with Raffaele Forte on the realization of Devil’s Dominion.