Project Description

Debora C



Débora Caritá is a comic books penciller and illustrator. Among her published works are “Mafiosa” (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 2021), the official comics of the game Black OPS4 – Call of Duty (2018) available on the game’s official website, Star Trek: Through the Mirror #5 (May 2018 , IDW Publishing (USA)- pencil and inks), Ivory Ghosts #1 to #4 (2020), (Kymera Press (USA)- pencil), Dejah Thoris (Dynamite Entertainment monthly series, 2012 to 2014 – pencils and artwork), Project Superpowers series – colors – (by Alex Ross, Dynamite – 2007 to 2009); Gene Simmons’ – Dominatrix (2007 – colors), Arana & Spiderman (colors, Marvel, USA, 2006), X-23, Hulk (colors, Marvel, USA, 2005), series 24 Hours (colors, IDW Publishing, USA, 2006).