We have launched a new title planned for June 2020 in comic book stores, thanks to everyone who contributed to the successful Kickstarter campaign of Bigs And Tiny last year. From Ramel Hill and Frederico Sabbatini, Bigs And Tiny is a new comedy superhero crime noir comic, set in New York. A non-shutdown New York, of course….

Want to learn more about the two main characters?

Santino Lugo – Tiny 5’2″ 

Abilities – Super strength – Compacts and Condenses; a key factor in his strength – the smaller he becomes the stronger he is.

Bryan Clay – Bigs 6’5″ 

Average strength for a 6’5 athlete… but after his powers manifest, his brain starts producing millions of neural connections each second.  With this increased brain activity he understands how to create “natural super powers” such as producing electricity in burst when he strikes – lighting punches and kicks, he can also create combustion attacks – produce enough acetone that a spark could be produced.


We’ve also hold a stock of Bigs And Tiny stash in our online store. Go and pre-order a copy before the release of the upcoming super-powered comedy duo: Bigs and Tiny #1 – PRE-ORDER