We just launched our KICKSTARTER for the MILITIA Trade Paperback: filled with 112 pages (5 Issues) along with amazing cover art by Igor Vitorino and back cover art by Martina Fari. These funds will go towards paying for the production of the Trade Paperback, additional items such as prints and shipping costs. About 10% of that goes toward Kickstarter fees and processing fees. If the goal is reached because of you awesome people, that means we can pay for all the above items. If we don’t meet the goal by the end of the campaign, you will not be charged at all. You will only be charged if the project reaches its $3,000 goal before the deadline! The only risk and challenge is possibly requiring more time to mail out rewards, which would only happen due to very high volumes. Other titles including Psycho List, Project Icarus, Bigs and Tiny and I.T. are available in the rewards section.

You can check out all the details here:
Thank you for your support!!!